Purveyors of fine hand linen washing, conservation and repair services of your linens. We specialize in textiles:

We also provide advice and instruction for the proper storage and display of your familyís textile heirlooms as well as identification and consultation services. Needlework finishing, including your unfinished projects, rounds out our menu of services.

The staff of Curzon Hill is diverse. Tigger, the cat, manages the shop. He had two assistant mangers, Penny and Joshua, two rescue dogs. (Penny is probably found most frequently at the shop, asleep on the job, alas!) There are some humans who are here to do their bidding. Sarah, the owner of Curzon Hill Antiques, has graciously agreed to be your contact person. You can reach her at sarah@linenconnection.com . And Mom, recently retired, can be found in the shop from time to time.

You can reach any of the staff members by email, snail mail, or telephone. Best of all, if you are visiting Washington DC or live in the local area, you can stop by and visit!

Curzon Hill Antiques

108 South Columbus Street

Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 684-0667

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