We've put together a sampling of some of our past projects. All work is fully archival and, with a few careful snips of thread, each piece can easily be removed without any damage to the textile. A more extensive portfolio, which includes work done for private individuals and museums, is available in the shop for your perusal. To see an enlarged photo from any of these projects, just click on the individual photo. Enjoy!

1837 Sampler

Corner of 1837 sampler still attached to old mounting, showing damage from multiple sources. Corner of 1837 Sampler now sewn to a custom-built, archival mounting frame. 1837 Sampler, remounted, in orginal frame that has been retrofitted to hold the sampler 1/2" from the glass.

Christening Gowns

One of our most well known specialties is our care and conservation of family christening gowns. Made in the 1810s through the 1960s, the gowns we have washed and finished are used either in a ceremony or are framed. We also clean the gowns after the ceremony, packing them in safe storage until the next "newest" family member comes along. This is just a sampling of the many pieces we have worked on.

Mounting of a 1930s Gown Washing of an 1820s gown* Mounting of a 1950s Gown
*It is hanging on the door to give you a perspective of its size.

Mounting of Family Heirlooms

Belgium Lace Doily, a wedding gift Antique Fringed Silk Doily, made by the owner's aunt A piece of the lace skirt of a family wedding gown, preserved for framing.


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