Over the years we have cleaned and conserved:

We've mended hems, restored necklines, and even created new quilts from old quilt tops. Finishing needlework is another speciality. We also provide FIFI services (you Find It and we Finish It) for your unfinshed needlework projects.

We are especially interested when helping "new owners" learn about the intrinsic value of what they have inherited. We take great pride in taking these pieces, many dingy or stained, and bringing them back to life and to a beautiful, useable condition. All of the work shown here was performed on our 8 foot by 12 foot table custom-built to our specifications.

Large Maderia tablecloth pinned to size* Closeup showing the detailed placement of the pins Large Maderia tablecloth with colorful embroidery Close up showing the detailed placement of the pins "Before" photo of the hem of an Art Deco runner "After" photo of the hem of the runner showing the repair
*to allow the embroidery to pop up and not appear flat as when ironed or drycleaned

Textile Mounting
We also help with textiles of special significance. We archivally repair and mount pieces for framing so that they can be safely viewed and enjoyed year round. This work is always performed so that the items can be returned to their original condition, if desired, by a future generation. Examples of our work include mounting samplers, doilies, silk embroidered pictures, christening gowns and wedding hankies.

Mounting of 1827 sampler front Mounting of 1827 sampler reverse Mounted christening gown


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